WELCOME to With Wendy

SHHHHHH! Don’t tell anyone…. My Blog and Shop is live.

Well, actually, do tell everyone… It’s ready, and its public, and I am so proud of what I have produced… (All by myself I might add!) I may not have everything exactly as I want it (who ever does), but I have fulfilled my commitment to myself to make this happen and that’s a BIG SOMETHING.

I guess you will want to know WHY you should hop on board the WithWendy journey?

For my Crafty friends it’s a place where I will share all my crafting experiences. So whether:

  • You have a personal interest in the pages and projects I complete of/for my Kids and Family,
  • You want a quick search for inspiration I have on offer (for FREE), or
  • “It’s Playtime, and LET’S GET IT DONE” time, and your objective in seeing what I have in my Shop that will help speed up or transform your own personal craft projects,

then WithWendy is the place for you. And even if you aren’t crafty, I hope you will at least take a little peak. Because one of my BIG objectives of this blog is to show everyone that CAPTURING ALL OF LIFE’s LITTLE TREASURES through craft is a worthwhile exercise. You just never know how you might be inspired to cross that line you have drawn in the sand, and enter the world of memory keeping after all. I dare you!

Now I don’t want to offend my Card Making buddies or let them think I am leaving them behind. Whilst scrapbooking may be my highest personal priority in the craft world, I do appreciate my fellow Card Makers have a world of their own to explore all types of techniques and wonderful ideas. And these two arenas aren’t mutually exclusive either, as I often find one feeds the other for ideas. So it’s safe to say you will see some Card ideas here too.

I do love to play with my Cricut machine and it’s one of my favourite tools to use in my crafting. I have had the Expressions 2 machine, and Explore Air, and updated to an Explore Air 2 in 2018, and consider myself pretty confident with Design Space. I have no doubt you will hear a post or two about that some point. So stay tuned for me recounting my David and Galiath battles (it isn’t quite over) and the victories I had. I do still love my Cricut.

And last but definitely not least in the craft domain, I am a Close To My Heart Consultant and will obviously share news and views on all things Close To My Heart. It’s always an exciting time when one of our next Idea Books arrives on my doorstep, ready to release to YOU. Do you have the latest Book?

Now if you ARE NOT CRAFTY and I have still managed to keep you reading this far, there are still things on offer WithWendy that aren’t craft-centric. I haven’t set up my timetable yet, but as I tweak my website build and can redirect that time to regular blogging, I have a list of all sorts of things I will share with you. From the COMPLETELY USEFUL AND PRACTICAL, to the JUST too darn FUNNY not to laugh at yourself and share. But you’ll have to stay on board to see that.

What’s the easiest way to get my feeds? SUBSCRIBE. Personally I find the wisest way for me to follow all my interests is to have THEM all come to ME in one central spot. (This might explain one of my random facts in my About Me page) By subscribing to this (or any other) blog, you get a short email letting you know whenever I post and its really easy to click through to read the rest, or save the email if it’s not quality reading time. If at any time this becomes too much or your interests change, you can unsubscribe. Simple. All you need is your email address and first name. Go to the right-hand side bar (or further down if you are on a mobile device) and scroll to where it says “Follow/Subscribe to my Blog vie email“.

If you haven’t already gone window shopping (or spending) in my WithWendy Shop, I’ll be adding more of my inventory of FUN page layouts, Card Kits, and Cricut packs, and more as time permits. So pop back regularly. I’ll be keeping everyone up to date on new entries in my blog. Now there is another reason to SUBSCRIBE.

For now I thank you for reading right to the end of this post (or guilt you into returning to the top and reading properly if you are a skimmer – red-face, anyone looking? How does she know that?). I can’t wait to share more.


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