Playing with my new friend “Zoe”

CTMH product ZOE paper pack

Zoe Reflections Paper Pack featuring 6 patterned papers and 6 sheets of co-ordinating cardstock

I just wanted to introduce you to my NEW FRIEND ZOE. I just know that we are going to have a long and FUN relationship as time passes. I am still getting to know her personality, but she is both warm, FUN and a little bit cheeky, and just makes me think of ice cream and gelatti and grandma’s funky aprons, all at the same time. The best news is, we get to play for a whole month before my other new friends come into the playground. Anyone wan’t to COME AND PLAY?

So ZOE is the first of the paper palettes available as an EARLY RELEASE during August. Officially our New Idea book (catalogue) for 2015-16 is only available to us Consultants in that month. But its okay, because you guys (my wonderful Customers) can get your hands on a paper copy by contacting me, if you just can’t wait till September 1st when the online version will be available. They are $7 and you’ll be forming your own kind of relationship with the book as you fight to let it go after reading it in bed each night. There is nothing better than a well-loved catalogue but I am definitely ready for letting go of last year’s annual if it means I can open my arms to a bunch of new friends.

So it was PLAYTIME on Friday just gone. I made my first layout in preparation for my All Day Workshop on August 15th… (there is still room if you wish to join us… click here).

WOTG Kit Zoe (G1096)

Zoe Workshop On The Go kit

Zoe is just so co-operative. It was only a short play and I confined our play-date to using just some of the toys… so there is a lot more FUN to be had yet. There is a little sneak peak at my first layout below. Some photos of one of my kids 2nd birthday. A small candle blowing session after dinner with just the four of us so nothing spectacular. Although give them chocolate cake and they would call it “DELICIOUS”. I’d love to show you the full layout but I need to finish a few little bits… waiting for the Workshop on the Go Kit to arrive so I can use the EXCLUSIVE Stamp set included in that. But I promise to come back and share the finished product. Who knows… you might even find its popular and I put in my Shop as a “PAGE IN A BAG” Kit.

Complements Zoe (X7197C)

Zoe Complements

But let’s take a look at some of the TOYS available to play with because these are quite unique and I know I am going to love these. After all, I am a Scrapbooker at heart and these just scream “PAGES”. Although I am sure my Card Making friends will see many applications for them too. The two 6″x6″ sticker sheets have too many pieces to count so lets just say LOTS and LOTS. And LOTS! The colours incorporate the Sweet Leaf green, Sorbet and Glacier mix that are in the papers, but also bring in the Canary yellow that is so subtle. I love that Sorbet, as an orange-pink tone is so male friendly. Because often, to me, it doesn’t even look pink at all. The titles and text on the stickers and printed vellum are what I call “user-friendly”. No scratching your head wondering how you are going to use the words. It will be more like finding the time to use them all up if you are more like me. The Kraft pieces have a little more “body” than the Kraft paper you no of as a CTMH product and I think it’s just the right weight for their application. And the numbers and days of the week are definitely going to leave you wanting more.

The prints on the paper very easy on the eye. I don’t know about you but I sometimes (okay often) struggle with strong patterns. But these I could easily use in large pieces without cringing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the neutral tone of the Slate/white grid paper. It reminds me of one of my old cutting boards (see the photo in the top-left corner of the feature image at the end of this post).  You Card Makers will love the adhesive-backed faceted gems in the Assortment pack. Cute little flowers and geometric designs. I have used the zip-strip which has the months of the year and dates within a month across the top of my page and because its a special DATE I will be able to highlight his birthday. But the new coral shimmer trim will work wonders for all you sparkle girls either as a substitute or in addition to.


This striking yet simple single scrapbook page features ZOE papers and the Great Job Stamp Set (C1588)

This is another easy to copy layout featured in our Annual Inspiration on page 23, (when you get it). I love the subtlety of the Slate stamping and the journaling around the perimeter of the main block on the page. I might have to CASE (copy and share/steal everything) this one and turn it into a double-page. Who wants to take on a challenge and see if you beat me to that one?

So if you would like to stop on by our All Day Workshop on August 15th you can get your hands on some Zoe samples. If all the stars align we are hoping that our NEW CATALOGUE BIG (read HUGE) orders will arrive in time to share more than just ZOE on that day. Even if its just products in wrappers not actual completed samples. That day we will all say a last farewell to our old friends from the current (yes… it is STILL CURRENT) Annual Inspirations and Seasonal Books… Pathfinding, Blossom, Seaside and Scaredy Cat, just to name a few. For now, I must head off and go and do some preparing, because “those friends” won’t be making an appearance if I don’t.

Visit my website to check out the Zoe range up close (

And don’t forget on September 1st you can access the full Annual Inspirations Book by selecting the PRODUCTS / Ideas Books tab from my CTMH website too.

CTMH product ZOE paper and complements

Playing with my new friend “ZOE”. Our first paper pack from the 2015-16 annual book.


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