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Wendy Potts, Scrapbooker/Crafter, Mother, Memory Keeper, Close To My Heart Consultant

Here’s your invitation to come along “WITH WENDY”… a place you’ll find a whole lot of crafting inspiration, a dash of “laughing at life”, a little bit of escape, and a side order of “Let’s just DO IT!” (with some “Here’s How.”) And guess what? It’s a FREE ride, so why not jump on board for the journey!


I was consistently hearing comments such as “I love reading about your Kids” or “I love your stories” and it made me start to think there was something more to my everyday anecdotes on Facebook. Whether it was the empathy of directly relating to my stories, a reminder of the past with children/grand-children, or just the distraction of laughing at the funnier side of (someone else’s) life when not everything goes to plan, it didn’t matter. I was bringing joy to others and that gave me a WARM FUZZY.

I had been using Facebook to CAPTURE LIFE’s LITTLE MOMENTS so that I have some factual (trigger point) journaling to place with my photos as they are put in my family albums. But why not just have a blog? I have time to cram a little more into my life if I sleep a little less (insert laughter!). When I finally made the decision to start, it was like all the stars aligned and I was caught up in a new wave of passion to parallel my addiction for scrapbooking. And I NEVER thought it was possible to do that. Blogging would allow me to share many things all in one place whilst putting a “smile on the dial” of many people. And hey, you have got to laugh at life. So WITH WENDY was born… my personal website for sharing my Family Blog, Scrapbooking Kits, and all things “With Wendy!”


I am a mother of two crazy kids (born 2011 and 2012) and an angel daughter no longer with us, wife to the other “boy” in my life, and a chocoholic. My passion is sharing my love of photography and memory keeping, through Scrapbooking and being a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant. You’ll learn a whole lot more about me through my posts, so check it out as my blog progresses.


I had a major epiphany when researching to start this website. It was like everything that I have done and experienced in life all had a purpose… Or would as this journey unfolds. All my crazy, and often disconnected experiences made sense and could help me make WITH WENDY a great place to hang out. Here are just some of them:

I have always enjoyed writing… from my year 12 English essays, to my lengthy newsletters home about our travels and living in the UK in the 90’s, and more recently my CTMH Customer Newsletters. Writing is just natural for me.

My degree in Computing, (albeit 1985 so somewhat dated!), and 20 years experience in everything from programming, training, change management, Project and People Management, and even Human Resources, made attempting to build this website ON MY OWN achievable.

My twisted mess of senior High School subjects ranged from Maths to Accounting, Arts to English, but the night course I did on touch typing when only 14 probably helps me more everyday than any of that.

My love of Craft and Photography has been my lifeline through FUN times and the worst times… whether it was puff-painting jumpers, documenting my many overseas travels, or completing my daughters Memorial album, I couldn’t be without these two things. Scrapbooking just brings my two passions to be ONE AMAZING EXPERIENCE. And, I am addicted.

I love to teach and share and I think I am pretty good at that. This is based on years of feedback on teaching craft and digital training classes, and being sort after for my skills. I am patient and have a knack of being able to explain detail (especially technical or process) in a language most understand. (And now modesty will kick in and I want to erase these last few sentences.)

My involvement in Direct Marketing Businesses and exposure to amazing passionate Women has taken this socially-shy individual into an arena where I am supported and encouraged to be the confident, sharing, independent woman I wish to be. (P.S. It’s still an on-going process.)

My family journey, of having a daughter, (Kristen) in 1997, and to lose her to a degenerative medical condition in 2007… rebuild our family through IVF to have two crazy busy kids just over 18 months apart… has exposed me to more emotions, more support groups and more questions about life than I can name. But I have so many special friends and memories that has made life richer as a result. There has to be a positive side to loss… Doesn’t there?


Many of you don’t know me from Adam. So to help you get to know me (better), here’s a bunch of stuff you probably don’t need to know … (It helps to read these fast and not to ponder too long.)

  • I love Chocolate… have I mentioned that yet?
  • I worked overseas in the UK for 2.5 years with my career in I.T. but  I worked for the same company for almost 20 years.
  • I only cook to eat. I have far too many other things I would rather do with my time to ENJOY COOKING.
  • I am not much of a reader partially due to a lack of time but probably more because I am a “DO-er”.
  • The best (and only Chocolate) is CADBURY (now I know some of you are going to disagree with that.)
  • When it comes to movies I don’t do SCARY at all.
  • I actually love CHANGE… something most people try to avoid. And yet I am a creature of habit.
  • Being fair is a HUGE priority for me. Probably because I was bullied for being the short freckled not-so-popular kid at school.
  • I have always been considered organised and reliable… until I had kids. Now people just THINK I am organised (but if they only knew!)
  • I was never popular with boys but I landed a hunky husband when I was his boss at work (cue the hysterical laughter!)
  • I am an e-junkie. (Translation – I am not good at leaving my email-box for too long). Something I wish to change).
  • There is absolutely nothing more satisfying than finishing a scrapbook page of photos with journaling.
  • I am sure I will miss-spell plenty of posts, but not through lack of proof-reading. (But I will never be offended if you point it out to me.)
  • One of my key motto’s is, “THE ONLY DUMB QUESTION IS THE ONE NOT ASKED” when I have my training/helping hat on.
  • I have to have breakfast everyday, no matter what time I get up.
  • Give me a pool over the beach, any day.
  • I have never had a cup of coffee – EVER. It’s Tea for ME!
  • I learnt to tile, plaster and paint when we gutted and fully renovated our first house.
  • I am not good with animals (sorry all animal lovers). My grandmother wasn’t, my Mum wasn’t… so what chance did I have.
  • I love to dance.

What are your random facts ? (Actually wait, don’t answer that… I am sure there is a blog post in that question.)

Oh yeah, I am also a Close To My Heart Consultant… a vehicle that brings so many of my passions together. Check out my Close To My Heart website at wendypotts.ctmh.com.au

So its early days and I do plan to have a whole lot of photos in this ABOUT ME… but they aren’t here yet. So come back and visit again soon.

Meanwhile go out and CAPTURE and ENJOY some of those LITTLE MOMENTS.



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